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Cabin Plans

Something like this ?
Something like this ?

When designing big gardens there is much room for creativity. I love that the technology has brought us the tools that can shape nature and give it modern look. For one backyard that we did few months ago we needed to provide power for water pump and fountains. The owner of that house was a guy that lived totally off grid. Living of grid is great and i personally advise it, since the costs are lover and there are no power cuts. This guy had all kind of generators on his property. So for the most of the power in his house he used bunch of cheap generators. He told us that he really loves the fact that he can turn them off when he does not need them. For his backyard he wanted a fountain with lights. So we made that happen and he was stunned. I recently bought a property in the wood near the town where my wife lives. I want to make a cabin that i can take my kids to. I never thought that i will need power there. I am going to buy at least one generator, that will be able to power the basic things. I am still designing the cabin, but stay tune, i will add project pictures soon...

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